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Our Office handles criminal cases stemming from arrests and charges regarding shoplifting, assault and battery, traffic offenses (up to and including DWI/DUI), drug and sex crimes, misdemeanors and felonies, among others.

Contact us particularly if you are an Immigrant or a non-US citizen at this time, you plan on applying for US Citizenship in the future and you are facing ANY criminal charge, no matter how seemingly simple or minor. 

Our office will fight for you and work hard to get you the best and most effective result possible, so your future Immigration status in the US is not negatively impacted.

Losing a job, especially in circumstances one feels are unfair, can be a stressful and life-altering experience. In the wake of that travail, all you want is justice. Understandably.

We can help. Through our Employment Law practice, we assist in your quest for justice and set you on the road to becoming whole again. Our past representations of wrongly-terminated workers have ranged from such fora as state and city Departments of Human Rights in the state of Minnesota, to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Our firm recently assisted in securing an out-of-court Settlement for a client unfairly discharged from her previous employment in the healthcare field. Earlier in that matter, our Office had prepared this Client for a successful defense before the Minnesota Board of Nursing after the former employer filed a complaint with the Board against the Client immediately after firing the Client.

We have successfully represented clients who faced loss of their jobs, especially due to workplace discrimination on whatever grounds (see our Success Stories).