These visas are issued to aliens from other countries who plan to visit the United States on a temporary basis. They are nonimmigrant visas (B-1 for business, B-2 for pleasure or a combination of both); such visas do not permit a holder’s dual intent prior to entering the US and then becoming or transforming into an Immigrant to the US. 

Visas for temporary business and tourism trips allow the recipients to enter the US for a myriad of business and personal purposes, including attending an educational, professional, scientific or business convention or conference; negotiating a contract; tourism; participating in amateur sporting or musical events and for medical treatment, among numerous other purposes. 

Recipients of a temporary / nonimmigrant visa cannot be engaged in certain activities in the US, including enrolling in a course of study (especially for a degree) or holding paid employment, among other prohibited conduct. 

Our law firm has successfully obtained temporary visitor and tourist visas for numerous clients.