Personal Injury law forms a sub-set of the more general area of legal practice known as “Tort Law”. 

Tort law allows an injured person or one who claims injury from another person’s intentional or negligent act the opportunity to approach the Courts for a legal remedy (also known as “damages”), for losses that result  from such an accident or incident caused by that other person.

Specifically and more importantly, Personal Injury law allows someone who claims injury from the negligent or intentional act of others to receive financial compensation after such a person  has suffered harm stemming from another’s negligence or otherwise intentional conduct. 

Tortious or “Legal” injuries include not only physical injuries but emotional, economic, or reputational injuries; they also often include violations of constitutional rights or guarantees or also infringements of personal and privacy rights. 

Automobile accident or Car Accident Injury law is a further sub-component of Personal Injury law.  

Car accident law encompasses legal rules in specific jurisdictions, especially state laws in the United States, which determine responsible for or apportion responsibility regarding personal and property damage resulting from a traffic accident or collision in that jurisdiction. The legal principle of Negligence is a principal component of this class of personal injury cases. 

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